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Now Performing Covid Safe Virtual House Concerts

We are going to deeply miss seeing in person all of the people we’ve met over the years — people who have become friends.

But also: with many of us sheltering in place — while also trying to navigate and process this great unknown — it’s clear that we need togetherness, perhaps now more than ever. We also embrace the opportunity to connect with fans from overseas 

  • To make meaningful connections with one another.
  • To gather with intention.
  • To pause … and to allow ourselves the experience of presence, and beauty, and humanity.

And we realise … doing house concerts  seems even more essential in this time.

So we’re moving the tour  ONLINE.

This will be a long series of concerts
performed from a professional video & recording studio in Sydney Australia ,
and streamed out over a private video link
on the internet,
as a shared experience exclusively for you
and your community
 of friends and family
— wherever in the world you (and they) might be.

Would you like to host a concert? 

For more information contact us here 

Things you’ll need to be a host:

☛ You’ll need a phone, tablet, or computer with internet access.

☛ You’ll need a minimum of 20 adult friends to join you (online!) for the concert.

Things you DO NOT need to be a host:

☛ You don’t have to be a computer genius to host an online concert — we’ll take care of managing all the technical details of delivering a great-sounding and interactive house concert experience to you and all your guests. All you’ll have to do is click a link that we’ll send you.

☛ You don’t have to have a house! Unlike our in-person house concerts, where we require a physical space for 30 adults to gather, the virtual experience opens up the possibility of hosting a concert to those who don’t have that kind of physical space in their homes.

☛ You don’t have to live in Australia. No matter where in the world you live, we can do a house concert with you. We’re going global, Folks .

☛ You don’t have to have a bunch of money to pay us for the concert. We do most of our concerts on what we call an “open donation” basis. You’ll ask your guests to come prepared to make an online donation at the conclusion of the concert, based on what they decide they would like to contribute for the experience we’ve created for them. In this way, the concert is paid for in a crowd-sourced way — like a micro-GoFundMe art experience with your friends.

(If you’d rather pay us directly to perform a concert for your friends, instead of asking them for a donation, that’s an option available to you as well.)

All of this info is an excerpt from our very thorough and fun 2020 Online House Concert Host Guide, which we would love to send to you.

Want to experience The Blues Preachers up close and personal from the comfort of your own home? Host a house concert!! For more information contact us here 

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